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Oldest US Mint Farm Has Record Breaking Year

By Linette Crosby
Friday, May 22, 2009
Michigan Mint

(MINT CITY, USA/St. Johns, Mich) – Despite historic economic challenges facing America's small- and mid-sized farms, the oldest continually operating mint farm in the U.S., Crosby Mint Farm, announced a double-digit increase in year-over-year sales today.

"Like so many American farmers, we are working our hardest so that we can continue making an honest living while protecting our state and national heritage and by doing what our family knows how to do -- produce the world's best mint," said Linette Crosby, co-owner of Crosby Mint Farm.

Founded in 1912, the historic fourth generation American farm sells its 100% natural essential mint oil to the national and global essential mint oil market. Today, Crosby Mint Farm mint oil can be found in all 50 states in the U.S. and in numerous countries overseas.

"Every day, we are seeing demand for our peppermint and spearmint rise and we are making excellent progress," said Peppermint Jim Crosby, co-owner of Crosby Mint Farm.

With unprecedented momentum building, Crosby Mint Farm is diligently working to win back its farm from the East Lansing-based Greenstone Farm Credit Services – the farm's lender. Crosby Mint Farm has until August 14th to pay back its debt and win back its farm from Greenstone Farm Credit Services.

"Our goal is meet the terms of the foreclosure agreement with Greenstone Farm Credit Services, so that we can protect our country’s rightful heritage and continue bringing the world's best mint products to our dedicated customers in Michigan and around the globe," said Peppermint Jim Crosby, co-owner of Crosby Mint Farm.

Crosby Mint Farm's goal is to sell 2,500 drams per state by August 14th. For more information on how you can help preserve Crosby Mint Farm and our country's heritage, please visit www.getmint.com.

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