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Made In Michigan Festival Update
By Francie Todd - MSU
Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Upcoming Made In Michigan Festival  >>>

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The Vegetarian Express
By Ryan Anderson
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Vegetarian Express Tuscan BurgersCreating healthy yet delicious meals for your family is always a challenging experience, especially if you’re following a vegetarian diet. This experience led two Michigan women, Laurie Snyman and Connie Vail, to start making food packets and mixes that only required a few ingredients to build "nutritional, balanced vegetarian meals". Before they knew it, friends and family were requesting their mixes and seasonings, mostly due to the fact that they contained no unhealthy chemicals, sugar, dairy or hydrogenated fat. After packaging their dry mixes in a licensed kitchen, the "Vegetarian Express" was born, and they continue to adapt new products to the tastes of their customers.

Connie & Laurie have taken the time to develop the right combination of ingredients to make cooking easy and fun, from seasonings to add to your own recipes, or complete vegetarian entrée mixes. A great idea for a hearty meal is their Mediterranean Lentil Soup, that can be cooked in a crock pot all day, and be ready by dinner time. They also carry a rich white gravy mix - easily adaptable into either scalloped potatoes or cream of broccoli soup – and brown gravy mix, which can be used as a base for stews or vegetable stroganoff. The Tuscan Burger Mix is another popular entrée that gets rave reviews from customers, like "easy to make and tasty too", or "I put these in buns and they were terrific".

You can find their products at a number of health food stores in Michigan, and a few in Florida and California, or visit www.TheVegetarianExpress.com. Their website lists all of their items for sale (using PayPal), and lots of recipes and health articles with information about food allergies and vegan cooking. Lauie & Connie will also be at the Made In Michigan Festival 2006 (Sunday only), with plenty of vegan & vegetarian goodies on hand.  >>>

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