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Visit Backyard Soaps & More
By Terri Anderson
Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Photo by Mark HondzinskiWhat started out as a hobby turned into a sizable business for the women of one family in Port Huron, Michigan. Backyard Soaps and More is a company that manufactures skin care products and candles and sells all the desired accessories to go with them in their new shop. With a beautiful retail location in downtown Port Huron, that includes their factory and packing facility as well, these ladies' products are being sold in over 40 shops as well as on their website.

Our visit a couple of weeks ago left us walking out of their store with a huge bag of goodies. Everything there smelled delicious - along the lines of mild fruits, herbs, some flowers and yummy oatmeal milk and honey ( I bought the body wash and lotion which I absolutely love the smell of). We also sampled their bath bombs, Peace Out and Get Fresh. I took a bath the next day and for the next couple of days my skin was so soft (a bath bomb is a small hard ball containing essential oils, and sometimes other things like flower petals, that you drop in your hot bath and watch it fizz, pop and make the water silky soft and soothing). I was relaxed for days after.

I wanted to get a second opinion so I brought the mango coconut liquid hand soap I bought to work with me. Everyone there that used it liked it. The jojoba beads keep your hands from drying out so afterwards you don't have tight skin and everyone liked the smell. Ryan tried the sands of Morocco glycerin soap and has used it everyday since.

Suffice it to say that Backyard Soaps makes great products that smell terrific. We were speaking to Kelly Stinson, the one responsible for creating this Michigan business, and we found out that their store that had been open for a week at that point. Business is steady during the week and at least when we were there on the weekend for quite a while, it was hoppin'. Congratulations Backyard Soaps! If you want more information about this company and their products, go to www.backyardsoaps.com  >>>

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